Sundae Sundae, a seaside store...

Established in 2007 by Steve Graham, a successful businessman who you may remember from the national press back in 2012 when he offered for sale 'The Whitstable Dream', the house, the shop, the beach hut and a boat all in one amazing package, I was the photographer for this and that planted the seed for our future, thankfully nobody came up with the asking price and we were able to buy just the business from Steve in 2013 and we've been scooping there ever since.

We are Chris & Gemma Conway with 3 boys Oliver, Teddy and Dexter, after being in the licensed trade for quite a few years we needed something more conducive to family life, we'd known Steve for a while and he was more than happy to hand over the scoops to a local family who understood the essence of Sundae Sundae.

The recipes got handed down and we've added a few more over the years, not sure we'll be making the smoked oyster one again but definitely the bacon, maple and cobnut. We use whole milk and double cream, no eggs are used and it's all gluten free.
Gluten free cones are available on request. Suitable for vegetarians and vegan options available on our range of luxury sorbets.

In the shop you'll also find beach goods and crabbing gear (with hints towards the best crabbing spots), jokes, postcards, souvenirs, gifts to remember your visit or maybe some vintage nautical oddities to adorn your home.

We're a tiny shop with big ideas so we're constructing a website shop full of more weird and wonderful stuff for you to purchase.

Next time you're in Whitstable pay us a visit and explore the world of Sundae Sundae.

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